Land of Oz: the Manga

Wow, I've been busy. It doesn't really look like it's going to let up any time soon! Just wanted to drop a quick note about 'Land of Oz.' June 2008! The wheels have been set in motion, so there's no stopping now! Here is a pic of the wraparound cover for the first issue. Let me know what you think!


Unknown said…
David, its Betty, Your mom's sister.
How are you? I've been trying to locate your email address to write you. Your work is AWSOME as it always has been since you were little. Joey still has the poster you did for him of Megaman. Your mom gave me some of your new works at the mag. Write me asap or go to my space page bslovesfrogs.
Still your biggest fan! Love Betty
Sam Lotfi said…
Hey David, its Sam Lotfi! How's it going man? Your work looks great! But I thought you already did a Wiz of Oz story or is this one different? Anyway looks Great, althouth I'm really diggin the photoshop sketches of the DA girl and the Robot--COOOOOOOOL! Just wanted to say hi and keep in touch - check out my blog when you can & let me know what you think:
Hopefull I'll see you at the San Diego Con this year.
Anonymous said…
hey dude. u should like make one comic like of series of unfortunate events or somthing like that. I mean, ur great!
Anonymous said…
Ey! that's based on he second book of L Frank Baum, with Tip! I've received your first OZ manga today through (I'm Spanish, and it hasn't been translated yet...) and I've started reading it. It's wonderful, and your new work seem to be better! Thanks 4 bringing Oz magic world back to live! ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi David!! How r u?! Just coming to ask when this book will be released! I can't wait to read it!!!

See you!
Anonymous said…
The master!!!
looks grrrrrrrr-8 !!!!
Anonymous said…
cool photos
Shupe said…
Great stuff-
new to blogger and your space-

Funny how things seem to change-
Still trying to figure out this bugger......... may you could s'plain some things to me-

graphic artist to graphic artist!
Anonymous said…
Hey David, I just got your manga on my itouch. I really love the art. Great job and keep doin what you do. And put more of your manga on iTunes, CAUSE THEY ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!
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