Whole lotta sketches!!!

Yep, I've been a busy boy. Hope you like!

Well, my work on Slave Labor's 'Gargoyles' is pretty much done at this point. I just have a couple of covers left, I'm waiting for approval of the layouts. It's been an interesting, if brief experience. While I wish that I had more time to do the work, I enjoyed it immensely and got to see how another company works with artists and writers. Very cool. Maybe I'll upload some of those pages at some point.

Of course this isn't the first licensed work I've done, the most notable one being 'Sonic X' for Archie comics. It's odd how these things come to you sometimes. I had never even considered working for Archie, an editor there contacted me out of the blue. It seems the colorist on the book at the time, who used to work at Antarctic Press, had suggested me! I sent in some tryout pages, and except for some gaffes on Sonic's ears, they liked the pages! I've learned a lot about myself doing those books. Things I need to work on; I'm a procrastinator. I'm beginning to chip away at that one. It's hard, but I'm more of a self starter now than I've ever been. The other thing I learned is that I have a problem communicating with my editors and the people that work with me. In this business they only take so much of that. Editors need to know your progress. If you're behind, the inker and the colorist are behind, and have to hustle to get their work in. An editor has ways of dealing with these things, but they can't do jack without info.

Since I don't want to mess with other people's money, I'm trying to change the way I work. Slave Labor has been good for this, because they have a server that the work can be dropped into at each stage of development. Easy access for everyone. It also makes getting feedback easy as well.

I've been lucky to have such a malleable style, I can hop in and out of a given style with only a little practice. Another reason I'm glad I got the Gargoyles job is that it's opened my eyes to some new possibilities as far as style and use of light and dark.

Well, that's about it for now, I'm thinking I might write a little something about how I came to be at Antarctic Press, so keep an eye out.


crow said…
It'd be interesting to hear how you started out at Antarctic. Be also good to know what pit-falls there are working out there in the industry. What to look out for, any tips or hints. How to deal with people on a business level. You hinted at it on your blog with keeping the lines of communication open with editors.
Anthony Tini said…
I saw your pencils for the cover of Gargoyles #11 at deviantart. I would love to see more of your work on Gargoyles when you get the chance to upload it. I can't wait for the trade! Keep up the good work!
David said…
Thanks! I felt it was okay to post that, but I'll probably wait on the story pages until the trade comes out, though I'm not sure when that will be... If I get impatient... >;)

The real pitfalls come just from not using common sense and not considering the production of the book as a whole; thinking about how your actions affect everything down the line. I'll go into more detail in another post.

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