Something a little different

Just thought I'd show some stuff that's not a monsters and scary. We all need a break sometimes, even from work we like. These sketches are for the barest inkling of an idea that has been rattling around in my head for a bit. Let me know what you think!


kejing2002 said…
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Nat-Wu said…
I really like your art. I first saw it in Beowulf, and I just love that stark black&white look. It looks similar to Yoshitaka Amano, and I love his work too.

I thought Beowulf was going to be more than three parts. I'm hoping that series hasn't been cancelled.

I see you're in San Antonio. If you ever come to the conventions up here in Dallas, like CAPE or Dallas Comic-Con or Wizard, I'd love to get your autograph on my copies of Beowulf.
David said…
I've never had the opportunity to attend CAPE. I'll have to look into it. But, yeah, if I run into you I'll gladly sign your copies!

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