Global Harming

Global Harming is the next Pirates vs Ninjas book I'm working on. I don't know if I'm looking forward to another book like this.

Yet again, I've done a cover for a book with no characters, no storyline... not even a plot. WTF?

Here's a look, there are already some things I feel need changing. I'll post an updated version closer to publication, which will be in April.



Peter Simeti - publisher of Alterna Comics said…
hey david, this is COMPLETELY off-topic BUT - i read OZ: the manga on (and then immediately purchased it on amazon - 2 copies! one for me and one for my girlfriend) and i've gotta say, awesome work on that! do you plan on ever doing a "return to oz" manga? i'd hope so! but if not then i'll be keeping an eye out for your future projects - and if you have anything you'd like to submit to my company - Alterna Comics - you're more than welcome to! email me at if you're interested or would just like to say hey. Have a good one!
David said…
Peter, thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked Oz: the manga. Yes, I will be doing a new Oz series later this year, titled Land of Oz. I will be adapting the original book pretty faithfully.
peter said…
that's great! glad to hear it! i'll be keeping that in mind and i'll be on the look for it. keep up the great work and take care!
Betty said…
David its Aunt Betty again.
I'm back on line so write me I hope to hear from you really soon.
Like always your work is awsome as ever!!!
Take care miss and love ya!Betty

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