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Frankenstein timelapse

Just in time for Halloween! I had another Photoshop timelapse laying around, so I posted it on Youtube. Let me know what you think!

Dragon Arms: Masters

Dragon Arms is still probably the thing I've worked on that I like the most. What I don't like so much is the fact that I've left readers hanging, that's never good. To this day, it's the series people ask me about or comment on more than anything else I've done... I do plan to get back to DA at some point. I think after I get Land of Oz out the door it'll be time to start working on it again. I've got the plot for the series laid out and ready to begin hammering out scripts. But that's almost a year away at this point. Keep your eyes open, there will be more production and design stuff soon!

Pirates vs Ninjas... The End?

Just finished the cover for the final issue of PvN v2! I'm just waiting for approval. I'll post the image as soon as Blogger's image upload let's me... I do want to take some time to mention the fact that I've really enjoyed working on this latest issue of Pirates. I liked the story, and while my pencils in this issue weren't the best, the backgrounds I colored for the issue were the most fun I've had in a while. This cover was also a lot fun. I loved doing a sort riff on the covers Arthur Suydam has been doing for Marvel. Suydam is one of my favorite artists and I get a kick out of seeing him become such a major success after all these years. He was always known, but to see him blow up like this is a real gas! I certainly loved Zombifying our Pirates cover, let me know what you think when I finally get to upload it! Update: Image posting works again!


Just trying out a new image capture program called Jing...


These are just quick sketch bits took about 40 mins altogether. ^__^

The Prettiest Pirate

I don't know what I was thinking, but I was really out of it when I did this piece. At least that's my story!