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This bites!

Hey all! It's been forever and a day since I posted here. I thought it would be good to get back onto Blogger and talk about some of the cool stuff going on in my part of the comics world. Two big things are going on for me at the moment. I'm currently inking Nightmare Before Christmas for Tokyopop. I'm working on issue #2 as I write this. I'm hoping to have the page I'm inking done in an hour or two so that I can get to the other big thing I have going on at the moment. And that's Teether! I'm so glad #1 has done so well! I was hoping it would hit with people and it did! I know there are people out there that care about horror. Real horror, not that stuff they do at Avatar Press... Some chick in a bathing suit with a giant sword running around killing monsters in the most provocative poses possible. I'm doing everything I can to get the next issue out and keep fans happy. I know this book is behind, but it's going to take time with everything e