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A quick note...

Hey Guys! Just wanted to leave a quick note; I’ve become very busy over the last few months. Because of this I’ve fallen behind recently, and my priorities from here on in will be getting books in. The work on Final Girl is paramount , and I have work for Archie Comics (Sonic X) that must be done also. Since these project have to be done, you won’t be seeing much of me on the web. I know, I hardly post or respond now, and I regret that. But it looks like I won’t have any kind of presence here at all until at least August, after Final Girl is finished. Please keep an eye out for me, just don’t expect me to be around, respond, or even read post for some time to come. Laters!


Yo, Here's the pic of the final piece hope you like!

New time lapse!

Hey, folks! Just wanted to upload this real quick, I'm steeped in many pages of Final Girl! This sketch took about 45 mins or so, from around 1am to 2...



Something new...

Something new that I've started doing are different 'takes' on a given character. As an instance, a few days ago I painted the character below: Now, I started with the idea of a character w/ big, sharp teeth. No hair really, and no real nose to speak of... Just a very bare bones sketch of a concept. Then I just kinda went for it, and let the painting take me where it would. I have to admit I was pleased w/ the result. Then I saved it and went back to work on some pages. I came back the next day to see how I felt about my design. I didn't like it very much the second time. So leaving the first image open, I created a new file and started painting new design within the same basic ideas I had painted the original. The second piece came out a lot more 'real', I guess, in my opinion. The original, while seeming kind of funny, or belonging more in a cartoony world, really helped put me in the headspace to do the second. Not only that but may of the things I tried in t

Unholy again!

Yo! Thought folks might benefit from seeing the actual illustration for the youtube post below. Here you go!

Unholy 3

Well, this is a bit of an experiment! I've done a little recording of myself doing a speed painting and uploaded it to Youtube. So, if you would like to see me in action creating one of these monsters, (in timelapse, anyway) you know what to do... I hope. If not, drop me an email and I'll try to clarify.