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Thought I might try to embed that Frankenstien timelapse.

Mind Numbing Horrors

David Hockney... I just want to write that name down before I forget it. If you know me, you know I don't do very much writing on the information super highway. I also rarely comment on other artists and there work. Generally, I hold to the old saying, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything". Rob Liefeld for instance. I see any number of people on the internet slam Liefeld. Calling him an 'idiot', painting him as bad person, making ludicrous statements like, "Liefeld has never seen a woman", and other obvious lies. Those that love Liefeld, love and defend him with all of their hearts. Those that hate him, attack with a savagery usually reserved for rapists and murderers. I think I may be feeling some of that hate myself right now. Not for Liefeld, but for an individual that I've never heard of before today. His name is David Hockney. Apparently his a famous British artist. As I said, I'm not familiar with the man or

Pirates vs Ninja: The End

The end for me at least! Pirates went to the printer... last week I believe. It's on to new issues of Sonic X for Archie comics now. I'll update as that issue progresses. But, looking back on PvN, now that it's finished, I'd like to relate some of my thoughts on the experience. First of all, I wanted nothing to do with this series when we first started developing the idea. Nothing. Period. Sure, I would toss out the occasional idea here and there, but that was about all. Of course, it was never intended that I work on the book. This was Craig Babiar's book and he was doing a phenomenal job on it. The series was doing well. So well, that they started working on the sequel right away. I was really happy for Craig. I only know some of what he went through as an artist at AP. He originally started as a penciller on Warrior Nun Areala back in the day. WNA was a big hit back then. As the popularity of the book waned, Craig went from just pencils, to pencil/inks. The